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Welcome Home

We are the human face of the emblematic and autonomous Balearics community of Palma. An embodiment of the island’s rich history and enduring legacy. SF7 is a new company at the heart of the island, connected directly to its pulse, a portal to the soul of island living through an extensive and intimate network.



Offering legacy reinforced by indigenous insight are the foundations of a strong team. Our touch is local but our reach is global.

About SF7

SF7 is a prestigious lifestyle intermediary, an agent of the island providing a personable client service for islanders and future natives. We offer a bouquet of products and services made to measure for every client. Our approach is a natural reflection of the lifestyle Mallorca offers: warm, friendly and beautiful. We really love what we do.

We start with what the client needs from the island, over and above what the island offers. Mallorca is rich in resources, mostly hidden from those that visit. SF7 is indigenous, with a reach validated by an index of legacy contacts established in various sectors. Our elite list is available only to SF7 clients and introduced according to the needs scoped with our clients.



Our standard are aligned only with Authenticity, Sustainability and Legacy. We source and promote what comes naturally from Mallorca.

This is what we love to do.


Real Estate

Sourcing the right property in Mallorca is a passion driven by absolute access to a rich island portfolio. The client, their needs, their requirements are exclusive.


We are a lifestyle intermediary between island suppliers of varying commercial services and our membership portfolio. We offer especial access to island luxury catered to Mallorca’s guests and inhabitants.

Gastro Goods

Consistent contribution to island sustainability is fundamental to SF7. Our relationships with Mallorcan agricultural business provides members with quality stock and supply services including organic farms, fisheries and wine and spirit producers across the island.


SF7 is partnered with a network of legal firms, accountants, and domestic services such as cleaning and baby-sitting. We provide professional public relations consultancy for all island prerequisites and intermediary support throughout any process.



Every engagement is tailored to meet the exact requirements of a client. Preparation and attention to detail is reflected in our results and testimonials.

The Team

SF7’s team is a qualified collective of some of the best professionals in their field.  We have partnered with a variety of experts and encourage close contact with our clients in order to build those all important relationships.



Clients are exposed to an intimately interconnected bouquet of services aligned with the best of Mallorca, explicable only by an understanding of SF7’s completeness within lifestyle.

We always have something for you.

The Mallorcan

Settling in to island living

Whether you’re planning to live permanently or just spend part of your time in Mallorca, you’ll need to find a home. Make a list of the features/amenities you want ...